Advanced Markets and Sun Hung Kai on Fortex Expansion to China, video interview by FX678

Fortex Inc., one of the leading electronic communication network (ECN) trading platforms, officially opened its Shanghai office July 22, further demonstrating the firm’s commitment to China’s institutional FX market. The Shanghai office is focused on helping clients and investors capitalize on the opportunities in the high-growth FX investment sector.

More than 80 local and foreign FX industry executives attended to celebrate this significant milestone with Fortex at the Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel in the heart of Shanghai’s downtown. Attendees also discussed the role of technology in advancing Asian FX firms, high-demand products for FX brokers, and the latest industry trends. One of the major Chinese financial media outlets, FX678, interviewed our guests of honor — Alexander Braid, Chief Operating Officer at Advanced Markets and Simon Blyth, Senior Vice President at Sun Hung Kai Forex Limited, FX and commodities department.