How to hedge FX risk as US Dollar Index rallies to 109 level?


Lately, US Dollar Index has rallied to a 20-year-high 109.00 level and US dollar are strengthening against other currencies such as Euro, Yen, Pound Sterling, Canadian dollar.

International trading companies and financial institutions are sensitive to the change of FX rates that dominate the value of traded goods and financial assets.

Data sources:Fortex XForce  Fortex 5 PC Terminal

Therefore, the need to hedge FX risks is not only important but also vital to the said companies.

Data sources:Fortex XForce  Fortex 5 PC Terminal

Many of the Fortex global clients are import/export companies and financial enterprises. What they do, is that they leverage Fortex XForce e-trading platform to execute FX trades and hedge FX risks to their trade counterparties, including banks or brokers/dealers.

When these companies use Fortex XForce platform, they benefit from the comprehensive market watch, full market depth, exeuction qualities and detailed reporting backoffice.

For example, a company processes an Euro account receivable and is concerned that Euro will depreciate against the USD, then this company will log on to XForce and place a short position on EUR/USD to hedge the FX risks to its counterparty. And when this company actually receives the account receivable, it just covers the short position nice and easy.

In short, hedging FX risks is easy and effective with Fortex XForce e-trading platform. We welcome you to explore more about the platform along with its unique features and qualities.

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