Highlights from the Profit & Loss Forex Network Event

Fortex Inc. participated in the Profit & Loss Chicago event last week, discussing the latest industry topics with many of the over 500 FX professionals in attendance. Known for attracting the “Who’s Who” of the FX industry, this networking-focused event also reviewed topics such as:

  • FX Volatility
  • Changes in Credit Conditions
  • The Rise of Algos
  • FinTech Game Changers in FX.

 The panel on FX Volatility covered the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, uncertainty around the US presidential election, and what the FX market has learned about how modern markets function during times of high volatility.

The conversation on credit focused around clients’ concerns of being able to access the credit they require, as well as how traditional FX prime brokers are adapting to changing uncleared margin rules and capital requirements.

The adoption of algorithmic execution by the buy-side was raised, and while there are obvious benefits to this trend, concerns remain about the market’s ability to handle a runaway algo.

FinTech firms were discussed, specifically reviewing the ability of such firms to help clients reduce cost and find alpha, as well as debating what new technologies are just around the corner. Fortex, being an independent FinTech provider, has solutions to address these topics. We offer trading solutions designed for high-frequency, low-latency performance, which are optimized for buy-side and sell-side institutions, including traders, banks, broker-dealers, prime brokers, and money managers.

For further discussion on these topics and more, please contact Jason Young at [email protected], +1 650 549 7351.