How does CRM help you?


What is CRM

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a system for managing relationships with customers that helps business owners easily track all communications and nurture relationships with leads and customers.

The CRM customer management platform connects all data from leads and customers in one place, integrating all communications (form fills, calls, emails, SMS, and meetings), documents, quotes, purchases, and tasks associated with each prospect and customer.

What are the Main Components

The primary goal of CRM systems is the integration and automation of sales,  marketing, and customer support. Operational CRM is made up of 3 main components:

  • Sales force automation

works with all stages in the sales cycle, from initially entering contact information to converting a prospective client into an actual client It prevents duplicate efforts between a salesperson and a customer and also automatically tracks all contacts and follow-ups between both parties

  • Marketing automation

focuses on easing the overall marketing process to make it more effective and efficient. The goal with marketing automation is to turn a sales lead into a full customer.

  • Service automation

It is part of the CRM system that focuses on direct customer service technology. Through service automation, customers are supported through multiple channels such as phone, email, knowledge bases, ticketing portals, FAQs, and more.

What are the main purpose and benefits of CRM?

The general goals of a company using CRM are to: improve the customer experience and increase sales.

  1. Increase customer retention rates
  2. Increase lead conversion rates
  3. Shorten the sales cycle
  4. Reduce sales and marketing costs
  5. Enhance the ability to target profitable customers
  6. Integrated assistance across channels
  7. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team
  8. Improve pricing
  9. Customized products and services
  10. Improve efficiency and effectiveness of customer service
  11. Connect customers and all channels on one platform

XForce Trading Platform and its CRM system

Most companies have relatively similar CRM systems with key functions including lead management, contact management, sales automation, transaction management, email management, etc.

Fortex, the world’s leading multi-asset e-trading solution provider, provides institutional clients with an excellent e-trading platform, supporting CRM system solutions.

Fortex CRM system is a system that is repeatedly practiced and proven by the financial industry, and recognized by many brokers, LPs, and Hedge Funds.

  1. Fast response time, capable of processing thousands of trades per second with high-frequency, low-latency trading capabilities
  2. Access to premium liquidity and market depth with the option of 500+ global trading counterparties and venues and 10,000+ assets.
  3. Served many global financial giants and accompanied their business, serving system innovation, and we have become experts in financial CRM systems.

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