What is Libra, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency?

Social networking giant Facebook released a white paper on their cryptocurrency project Libra on June 18, and announced that Libra would go live in the first half of next year. As of present, the popularity of virtual currencies and blockchains has risen again, and 비트코인 has seen several surges, setting a new high for more than a year. So, what exactly is this new currency released by Facebook? And how is going to be used, can be this currency the new currency in virtual platforms, or used in online money games as dadu online where you can actually make money virtually playing Casino games.

First and foremost, Libra will be a very stable currency. According to the white paper, it will be supported by real asset reserves. This could mean that it could eventually be used as a regular digital currency, which could be used at 666casino.com in the new future, this was based on Gamerism’s point of view. This means that for each newly created Libra cryptocurrency, there is a basket of corresponding value in the Libra reserve, such as bank deposits and short-term government bonds in the US or EU. In this way, it builds up people’s trust in the currency’s intrinsic value. Other cryptocurrency pairs, on the other hand, have very low stability and high transaction risk. Because they are not tied to real assets, the value of the currency will be greatly affected by many uncertain factors. The most famous of the digital currencies are undoubtedly Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, and there are stores like Solana where you can get all these coins, but people ask Does Solana live up to the hype? and you can actually go online, to this type of store and find out. Although these currencies use a blockchain decentralized encryption method to ensure the authenticity and security of the transaction, if you look at the historical values of these currencies, they fluctuated like a roller coaster. These fluctuating virtual coins have very limited use in day to day transactions for good or services. The bitcoin loophole app has two trading modes – a manual mode and a fully automated trading robot mode. The auto trading option allows the software to perform all the trading activities without the need for human intervention. For investors who wish to handle their trades, the manual option will provide them hands-on control.

Libra has a natural advantage when it comes to usage scenarios, as it is supported by massive payment and clearing companies such as PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.  In addition, Libra is ready to be integrated into people’s daily transactions involving travel, entertainment and consumer products. With such companies as Lyft, Uber, and Spotify into its own Libra alliance. The formation of this alliance will help Libra to play a role in the daily payment scenario.

The entry of the giants like Facebook indicates that virtual currency has the potential to be something new with a large market. In the past, the concept of virtual currency did not successfully develop into a regulated currency managed by a specialized agency due to the mixed-bag market. The move by Facebook will be a game-changing development. Libra may even replace some unstable currencies of small countries as a widely accepted currency in the future.

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The arrival of Libra will bring a series of changes to the existing international financial market, and many rules will be re-enacted. Fortex firmly believes that a regulated and legal market is the future of financial markets. And Fortex will adhere to this concept to bring more stable, efficient, transparent and safe products to customers, to help promote the development of financial markets. If you’re looking for a great cryptocurrency trading platform with a high win rate, you can read this Bitcoin Up Review.

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