The FX Market: Global Forces Affecting Volatility in 2016

While the foreign exchange market –the world’s biggest financial market—has been growing steadily for decades, events around the world this year have caused a high degree of volatility. Here are the top events of the year with ripple effects throughout the foreign exchange market.  

1.       Brexit   Read more: The Economic Impact of Brexit

 2.       U.S. Election/US Market at All-Time High   Read more: What’s going on with the dollar?

3.       OPEC Production Cut   Read more: Oil jumps to highest since mid-2015

 4.       FOMC Rate Raise   Read more: December Fed Meeting Preview and Forex Market Impact

5.       CYSEC Proposal   Read more: Tougher CySEC Regulations Leading to FX Brokerages seeking alternative jurisdictions 

6.       FCA Proposal   Read more: FCA proposals for tougher regulations for retail CFD and FX

7.       Euro-U.S. Dollar Parity   Read more: EURUSD Parity analysis and trade ideas

 8.       Japanese Yen Slide   Read more: Lone analyst to call Yen slide validated

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