Understanding the Importance of Spreads in Multi-Asset Trading


The size and stability of spreads are very important for multi-asset e-trading platforms. It is an important indicator to assess the quality of the trading platform and affects the viscosity and activity of platform users.

A good e-trading platform usually offers low and stable spreads to ensure that investors receive fair prices during the trading process. It helps them to increase profit margins and reduce the risk of loss. Therefore, offering competitive spreads is to attract investors and maintain the sustainability of the business.

What is a spread?

The spread on a multi-asset trading platform is the difference between the bid price and the ask price. In financial markets, spreads are commonly used to describe the price fluctuations of assets such as foreign exchange, stocks, futures, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc.

What are the types of spreads?

Spreads can be either fixed or floating.

Fixed spreads: The difference between the bid and ask prices remains constant for a specific period of time.

Floating spreads: The difference between the bid and ask prices varies with market conditions. Floating spreads are usually more common due to the volatility of the market.

What is the importance of spreads?

Spreads are significant for investors because they have a direct impact on the cost of trading.

1. Directly affects trading costs

Lower spreads mean lower trading costs, while higher spreads mean higher trading costs.

2. Affects trader profitability

Spreads can be a key factor in profitability for large-volume and high-frequency traders.

3. Helps with screening partners

Investors focus on the size and stability of spreads when choosing a trading platform or broker.

4. Measures liquidity of the market

The spread size measures the liquidity of the market, the higher the liquidity, the lower the spreads.

5. Improved transparency

Low spreads allow investors to have a fairer and more transparent trading environment on which to base their judgments.

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