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Issue with the input parameter dialogue

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Issue with the input parameter dialogue

Postby FXrush » Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:48 pm

There is an issue with the input parameter dialogue in keeping the changed value in the input types that are displayed as well as an issue in not displaying a few very useful and fairly needed types.

The only input parameter type that is malleable is int (that is if you change a type of int the setter is working appropriately; however, with doubles and strings the change is reverted back to the default value and not persisted to the variable – that is it never actually changes anything. But you would only know this if you either print the variable or go back into the dialogue box where it is back to its reverted state.

Also, The only types that show up in the input dialogue are: int, double and String. Decimals, Booleans, Longs, etc. these variable types will not show up as an input parameter in the dialogue (that is the gui creation method is not creating the input box and increment buttons in the dialogue box so they are not presented to the user).

This is a bit frustrating as most currencies (sans the Yen swaps) carry a minimum of 4 decimal places and while I have been using ints as much as possible they are limited to 2 digits (limited to 99) which makes any input length over 99 impossible unless hard coded and the workaround for inputting a price actually requires multiple input prams. For Booleans you can get away with using 1 and 0 but this would not be very clear if the code was to be distributed as most people don’t readily correlate 1 with true and 0 with false and would put God knows what in an input that is intended to have only two choices (I haven’t had much success with the FunctionParameter limiting methods, but a bit of extra coding can correct an input and the lack of success is probably more on my lack of any extended effort into trying multiple variants of use.

One of the most useful of the input choices, the String, would allow a decent number of workarounds for decimals || doubles and true sized ints, longs as well as give some clarity to bools as being true || false . This is because a Strings can be parsed and while it’s not ideal to run off parsing strings in every which way it is the simplest change with the largest functionality gain. So if at all possible if you could get the setter method for the string to allow the persisting of the changed input this would at least afford some usability in the input parameters. Fixing and adding in the other types would be great but I am also trying to balance the amount of work vs the immediacy of functionality gain – and not trying create massive development work to ask for everything.
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