Multi-LP Module Now Available on XForce 2.0

XForce, Fortex's flagship product, is broker-neutral and liquidity agnostic, with a sole mission to facilitate interconnectivity of our global clients to their best trading counterparties.

Fortex XForce multi-asset trading platform packs liquidity aggregation, order and risk management, MT4/5 Bridges, FIX API, hosting and multiple trading GUI in one valued SaaS offering.

The upgrade of the Multi-LP module enables Fortex's institutional clients to gain full-control and configuration over liquidity to various exchanges, markets and counterparties in the world, with high level of stability, reliability and flexibility.

• End-to-end: XForce is a complete, front-end to back-end, cloud-native, independent platform. XForce packs with powerful trading front-ends, account management, orders and price feed management, risk management, Bridge module,APIs and reporting Backoffice. XForce is well recognized and trusted by institutional and professional clients.
• Multi-asset: XForce is a multi-asset platform that seamlessly supports over 10000+ FX, Metals, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies products from exchanges and over-the-counter markets with spot, futures, swaps, CFDs and other derivatives.
• Neutrality: XForce enables Fortex clients to gain trading and liquidity access to 100+ exchanges, banks and LPs with full control and free of conflict of interest,with a sole mission to facilitate interconnectivity of our global clients to their best trading counterparties.
• Institutional Trading: Multiple trading terminals, API access, chart analysis GUI, comprehensive market depth, high-frequency, low-latency performance, machine learning module, automated matching engine, redundancy architecture for high availability, and other features are included in the XForce suite. Fortex is committed to providing clients with every trade and decision.
• Liquidity Management: XForce offers direct access to Tier 1 liquidity from all major center banks. Gain instant, low-cost Straight-Through Processing (STP) of your orders at razor-thin spreads, as well as powerful trading features unmatched by any other FX platform on the market. Get real-time executable streaming quotes from more than 50 liquidity providers for over 80 global currency pairs as well as metal, energy, stocks and CFD products.

Founded in 1997, Fortex Technologies aims to revolutionize trading with its powerful, neutral, multi-asset trading platform focused on the FX, equities, and crypto markets. Fortex’s XForce solution, ECN, MT4/5 bridges, infrastructure hosting and more are used by regional banks, hedge funds, asset managers, broker dealers and professional traders around the world to enhance liquidity access, improve execution workflows and support sophisticated trading strategies. For more information about Fortex, please visit