Fortex Platform
End to End
and Everything
in Between
The most complete, most powerful FX trading solution on the planet. From aggregating global liquidity pools to the user’s application and algorithmic trading engine—through the cloud at the speed of light. Trade on our strength.
Fortex 6 & AlgoX
Trading & Strategy,
Your Way
Trade currency, commodities, and CFD your way with Fortex 6. A graphic interface makes it simple and intuitive. Our AlgoX automated trading engine makes it strategic. And the strength of the Fortex platform makes you more successful.
Bridge OMX
Build a Bridge
to Your
MetaTrader Users
Give MetaTrader users direct access to global liquidity providers through our Equinix NY4 facility with Fortex Bridge OMX middleware. We do $12B and 500,000 tickets every day with sub-1ms round-trip trade times. And our clients generate 9-figure annual revenues as a result.
Fortex XCloud
High Frequency
Low Latency
Our trading infrastructure lives in a dedicated facility at Equinix NY4, the beating heart of global FX markets. Here, Tier 1 liquidity providers cross-connect to the Fortex XCloud server grid for sub-1ms round-trip trade times for thousands of concurrent orders.

The Fortex Platform

"Fortex was instrumental in helping us grow from a few traders in the U.S. to traders in more than 140 countries. The Fortex team helped us launch new trading applications, resulting in more than $80 billion per month in trading volume with best-in-class execution and a great customer experience."
Todd Crosland
Founder and former Chairman
and Chief Executive Officer Interbank FX

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The power of the Fortex platform.
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