Fortex XLiquidity精选流动性亮点

Fortex电子交易生态,是一个开放的、中立的、多元化的生态体系,汇聚了行业大大小小的流动性提供商。在Fortex XForce电子交易平台上,Fortex的机构客户通过XForce电子交易平台,可以进行:

  • 接入和使用流动性(Take and Consume Liquidity)
  • 对外提供和分发流动[……]

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Fortex: FIX API insights


Fortex, the leading provider of multi-asset electronic trading solutions, provides enhanced accessibility to its trading platform XForce, including PC Terminals GUI, WebTrader, and APIs (Websocket API, Web API, RESTFul API and FIX API 4.4).

In this article, let’s talk more about Fortex[……]

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More than just MetaTrader4/5, Fortex XForce can help you more.


What Fortex XForce can do for you, is not only bridging for MetaTrader4/5, but also many more. Let’s find out:

A bridge for MetaTrader4/5

Fortex XForce e-trading platform connects MetaTrader4/5 with global markets, including banks, exchanges, liquidity providers and market makers, providing advanced trading features, and robust multi-asset liquidity.

An open, institutional e-trading platform

Fortex XForce is a neutral, open, institutional trading platform for FX/CFD, equities, futures, and cryptocurrency.

XForce’s trading GUI like Fortex 5/6 Terminals and Fortex APIs are widely used by Fortex clients to execute thousands of millions of trades on a daily basis with other banks, exchanges, liquidity providers, exchanges, and hedge funds.

Our clients are banks, exchanges, hedge funds, broker/dealers, quantitative trading desks, propriatory trading firms, asset managers and high-net-worth clients.

A multi-asset liquidity management platform

Fortex clients leverage XForce to effectively manage liquidity and liquidity providers.

These capabilities are made possible by XForce advanced features in liquidity sourcing, liquidity aggregation, liquidity distribution, quote making and pricing engines.

A liquidity distribution platform

Many Fortex clients use XForce to make, re-distribute and customize their liquidity to their own clients, and even to other Fortex clients.

Unlike a bridge, Fortex XForce e-trading platform has credit & margin system, account management module, clearing & settlement, and trading terminals. All these make liquidity re-distribution possible.

A risk management platform

Last but not least, the risk management suite is what makes XForce so attractive to many brokers/dealers.

They use XForce to set up order execution strategies, STP trades to counterparties, manage position risk and configure liquidity pools.

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