e-FOREX Product Review--UltiMT™ - an exciting new unified solution for MetaTrader traders and brokers

Anthony Brocco, CEO of Advanced Markets, a leading provider of foreign exchange direct market access (DMA) services, talks to e-Forex about the launch of the company's new technology, liquidity and credit offering, UltiMT.

Anthony, what is UltiMT and why does its unified system architecture represent a major leap forward?

UltiMT represents major leaps forward for MetaTrader brokers, banks and traders in terms of technology, operational stability and low latency direct market access. The solution’s system architecture unifies all functions in one platform, eliminating virtually all integration points that cause system failures and latency. The system’s stability is remarkable. In live beta installations, UltiMT has been running for nearly a year without a single out trade or downtime instance.

Connecting UltiMT’s technology platform with Advanced Markets’ DMA liquidity pool enables low latency trade executions on neutral, multibank liquidity, which improves risk monitoring and trade execution performance for brokers, banks and traders.

What operational benefits will UltiMT bring to banks and brokers who operate MetaTrader platforms?

Clearly, UltiMT’s outstanding operational stability addresses a major concern of banks and brokers. Low latency trade executions without requotes or out trades are keys as well.

UltiMT’s low latency environment also enables bank liquidity providers to send out a rate and have it come back for confirmation while it’s still valid. This enables banks to provide tighter bid/offer spreads and minimize rejections, which benefits them, brokers and end-user traders.

What technology is at the core of this new offering and why was it chosen?

UltiMT’s core technology is the Fortex DMA trading platform that Advanced Markets has been using since 2009. Fortunately, Fortex also developed the first MetaTrader “bridge” nearly a decade ago, so they were the perfect technology partner to develop UltiMT with us. To give you a sense of the power of their technology solutions, Fortex’s MetaTrader bridge has routinely processed more than five million tickets a month and as much as $13 billion per day in volume.

How quickly can UltiMT process trades entered via MetaTrader front-ends and how does its design overcome many of the compatibility gaps and integration issues commonly seen in other competing solutions?

In UltiMT, MT4 is used only as a user interface. The UltiMT trading platform can process trades in less than one millisecond, meaning MT4 users will see their trades processed in under 10 milliseconds.

Moreover, the system can handle as many as 1,000 concurrent executions per second, per server. This renders the usual limitations of MT4 non existent.

UltiMT has only one system communicating with the MetaTrader front-end as opposed to two, three or more. All other solutions have to integrate an external liquidity source, to a bridge, to MT4, and then once the trade is hit by the client, it has to travel back to the bank that sent the rate and still has to be valid. This creates latency in other systems.

In what ways will the combination of this leading edge platform with Advanced Markets’ multibank DMA liquidity protocol create powerful new opportunities for the trading customers of MetaTrader banks and brokers?

UltiMT enables MT users to trade in a low latency, institutional liquidity environment, with no or extremely low slippage. Also, with regard to MetaTrader, low latency trade processing enables EAs to get groups of trades executed at more consistent rates. Additionally, the market data feed is very popular with traders who recognize their MetaTrader Expert Advisors perform more robustly with a high quality, low latency live, executable multibank market data feed like UltiMT’s. UltiMT’s market data feed also benefits brokers and banks, which use it to power real-time risk management systems, to execute trades as well as to benchmark rates shown to them by other counterparties.

What features and credit solutions are available with UltiMT that will help banks, brokers and intermediaries meet regulatory and compliance requirements?

UltiMT uses a US CFTC and NFA-compliant backoffice environment built by Fortex. To complement this operational capability, we offer actual customer funds segregation with custody banks and other innovative credit structures as well as standard margin and prime brokerage accounts.

What feedback have you had from customers benchtesting UltiMT to measure its trading performance on DMA liquidity?

We have used and tested our solution for almost a year now with several of our brokers in actual live trading. Through millions of executions our brokers have experienced “Zero” out trades and “Zero” down time. I am confident that no other MT4 solution can make this claim. In a nutshell, our broker clients tell us that when running a company that is totally dependent on an outsourced provider for its overall technology, liquidity and trading environment, it’s absolutely vital to get these things right. UltiMT gets those things right, which we are very glad to hear.