Fortex ecosystem of solutions for clients success

Fortex, a leading global in multi-asset e-trading solution, has builds an open and collaborative trading network that buy-side and sell-side firm come together. Fortex’s clients easier access to global multi-asset liquidity and market depth for participation in the Fortex ecosystem of solutions.

Major highlight of the Fortex ecosystem:

  • XForce e-Trading Platform
  • XCloud Managed Hosting Service
  • XLiquidity Multi-asset Liquidity

XForce e-Trading Platform, XCloud managed hosting and XLiquidity multi-asset liquidity and so on, all in your Fortex ecosystem of solutions. Fortex help our client achieve success.

  • XForce E-Trading Platform

Fortex multi-asset e-trading platform is the broker-neutral, multi-asset, end-to-end trading and liquidity management platform. Fortex XForce management platform provides brand, exchanges, brokers, liquidity providers, asset managers the full capability for liquidity connection & management, clearing account, multi-market access, credit and margin system, account management, order management, risk management, Meta Trader 4/5 and multi-trading terminals for banks, brokerages, exchanges and dealers.

We design Fortex 5 PC Terminal, Fortex Web & Mobile Trader, Fortex Web & Mobile Trader user experience in mind to deliver the industry’s most elegant interface, enabling you to access Fortex system with low-latency, high scalability, stability and diversity. The Fortex platform offers direct access to top liquidity from all major money center banks. Gain instant, low-cost STP of your orders at tight spreads and powerful trading features unmatched by any other platform.

  • XCloud Managed Hosting

Fortex IT infrastructures built for trading, liquidity and broker-neutral trading infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to support all trading platforms. Fortex stands for stability, focus and reliability. We offer premium(stability)hosting of dedicated servers, advanced low latency global connectivity, connect directly with liquidity providers and counterparties, ensure highest availability and eliminate packet loss.

Our facilities are built at Equinix New York NY4, London LD4 and Hong Kong Hk1. Choose your locations to better facilitate your clients at the particular regions. Choose your facilities at one or more of our datacenter and to achieve backup among global locations.

  • XLiquidity Multi-asset Liquidity

Fortex builds an open and collaborative trading network. We enables clients to connect and configure liquidity from over 500 global trading venues, including Money Center Banks, Non-Bank liquidity provider, hedge funds, futures exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC-desks. Fortex’s seamless access and control to over 10,000 global trading products including spots, futures, swaps, CFDs and derivatives on equities, stock indies, FX, metals, energies, commodities on both exchanges and OTC markets.

We are broker and liquidity-neutral, with a sole-mission to facilitate interconnectivity of our clients to their best trading counterparties. We offer direct access to top liquidity from all major bank LPs, exchanges, ECNs, PoP and hedge funds – for institutional class liquidity. We enable our clients to seamlessly access wide spectrum of multi- asset liquidity, enabling you to access Fortex system with low-latency, high scalability, stability and diversity.