Fortex XForce Risk Management: Responding to Changes with Innovation

Fortex XForce multi-asset trading platform packs liquidity aggregation, order and risk management, MT4/5 Bridges, FIX API, hosting, and multiple trading GUI in one valued SaaS offering.

With 25 years of successful track record in the financial sector, as well as technical accumulation and practical experience in serving 500+ top financial institutions worldwide, Fortex XForce provides risk management services in the global E-trading sector.

Our services include:

1. Pre-determined Risk Parameters

  • Access to multiple counterparties: Access to multiple counterparties and the construction of multiple risk hedging paths allow for the effective transfer of transaction risk to external counterparties.
  • Backup quotes stream: Access to multiple quotes and aggregate quotes so that the varieties of the market situation can be quoted by several providers at the same time. It is possible to have alternate quotes for switching after one of the quotation chains is broken.
  • Pre-define trade abnormality: Preset parameters for trade exceptions, and the system would remind the administrator to check the process after startup.
  • Order routing rules: Set multiple risk hedging routing according to customer groups, trade types, varieties, and trade volume to hedge trades to the best counterparties and improve trading experience and risk management efficiency.
  • Trade limits: Preset trading limits for each account, each product, each timeframe, and each counterparty, including position caps, retracement uplines, number of orders, etc.
  • Tiered margin rules: Set gradient leverage and margin rates so that leverage varies with position size, thereby controlling overall trading exposure.
  • Role-based admin rights: XForce provides rich trading and management functions for financial companies. Managers can set different management rights for supervisors, company traders, risk control teams, LP management teams, finance, and operations and maintenance.

2. Real-time Monitoring

  • Liquidity Condition:At the Fortex 5 terminal, managers have an overview of the liquidity of each liquidity provider (LP). You can compare point spreads, depths, quote densities, and accuracies, and can always spot anomalous LPs.
  • Order execution: Managers can monitor order execution from different trading ends at a glance, including order type, counterparty, price, moment, serial number, a source terminal, and other information to facilitate the detection of abnormalities.
  • Real-time quote maker: Managers can adjust the issued market data in real time and apply different quoting rules according to market liquidity and customers' needs.
  • System runtime monitor: Through the centralized page, administrators can view the operation of the associated trading systems in real-time, including online hours, CPU, memory, hard disk, network conditions, and the operation of other trading and quotation services.
  • Position management: Managers can place orders with external counterparties (LPs) on the Fortex 5 terminal to adjust position exposure at any time, based on the risk exposure of the market situation.
  • LP risk control: Managers can manually intervene to offset the risk of LPs, transfer risks to LPs automatically, and track any liquidity sent to LPs as a transfer in real time.
  • Multidimensional real-time database:The system aggregates risk data to create a real-time database, analyzes and collates risk data in real-time, and drives profit
    opportunities through timely data.
  • Intelligent reporting back office:Managers rely on Backoffice 7 intelligent reporting backend to obtain all transaction information for analysis and optimization, including transaction data, LP data, risk data, etc.
  • MT4/5 Dashboard:You can connect to multiple MT4/5 platforms and view aggregated risk data or customize data from any MT4/MT5 platform to update the view of profit and loss.

In practice, Fortex XForce's rich set of features provides managers of institutional customers with a wide range of risk management. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our technical consultants at


About Fortex
Founded in 1997, Fortex Technologies aims to revolutionize trading with its powerful, neutral, multi-asset trading platform focused on the FX, equities, and crypto markets. Fortex’s XForce solution, ECN, MT4/5 bridges, infrastructure hosting and more are used by regional banks, hedge funds, asset managers, broker dealers and professional traders around the world to enhance liquidity access, improve execution workflows and support sophisticated trading strategies.