xForce Prime of Prime Suite 

xForce Prime of Prime Suite is the first end-to-end fx prime of prime solution designed for  brokerages and banks looking to become FX liquidity providers and distribute their price streams to their partners’ systems. 

The product suite offers the following:

  • the Fortex xBook ECN aggregation solution,
  • premium cloud hosting at the Equinix NY4 and HK3 data centers,
  • the Fortex 5 institutional trading platform (for omnibus account management),
  • sophisticated risk-management tools,
  • FIX API access for partners
  • the Fortex OMX MT4 liquidity bridge.

The suite also incorporates a middle and back office solution. Using this platform, brokers can issue omnibus accounts to their white label partners. They can also extend FIX API access to their partners.

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