Power Your FX Trading Performance with Fortex MT4 Hosting Services

Your MT4 servers drive your business, but ensuring high performance, resiliency, and scale typically consume a lot of IT time and resources. Free your internal team for more important projects that drive margin and revenue, and gain the low-latency connections and dedicated support you need from a Fortex Hosting Package.

In addition to providing the industry’s first ECN platform to offer neutral, direct access to interbank liquidity pools, Fortex has hosted MT4 deployments for more than a decade. Our Hosting Packages include industry-leading dedicated hardware in dedicated cages at Equinix NY4 and HK3. They also include trading-strength resiliency and bandwidth elasticity for ensuring premium FX trading performance. You can read and learn more about hosting packages.

Bandwidth Elasticity Designed for Trading

Trading infrastructures must be able to instantly scale bandwidth to handle high trading volumes without dropping packets. And all 10 Mbps bandwidth offerings are not created equal. Many hosting companies divide a high-bandwidth “pipe” among clients, relying on statistical multiplexing to avoid all clients using their full allotments of bandwidth at the same time. However, for trading infrastructures, market conditions can easily overwhelm a fixed connection, resulting in dropped packets and delayed transactions.

Fortex Hosting provides 10 Mbps of bandwidth that can burst up to 2 Gbps as needed. We also use multiple ISPs simultaneously, which gives us the largest global footprint on the Internet. Dynamic, multipath routing capabilities send traffic down the fastest path to its destination and each path is paired, providing hot-hot redundancy in real time. The Fortex hosting infrastructure handles up to 20,000 pings without dropping a packet, compared to packet losses of 5 to 20 percent on typical Internet hosting services.

Fortex Hosting Packages

  • State-of-the-art, dedicated facilities at Equinix NY4 and HK3
  • Fiber cross-connection with banks and liquidity providers
  • High-frequency, low-latency network
  • Full redundancy with hot-hot backup
  • Burstable bandwidth up to 2 Gbps
  • Dynamic, multipath routing
  • Proactive monitoring and responsive support

Carrier-grade Hardware

Within the Fortex cages at Equinix NY4 and HK3, your MT4 deployment runs on carrier-grade infrastructure:

  • Fortinet high-performance firewalls provide outstanding security effectiveness and five-times-faster throughput than other firewalls on the market, allowing us to stream a high number of updates per second to clients
  • Dell PowerEdge Servers with dual Intel Xeon 6-core or quad-core turbo CPUs for high processing power
  • Serial-attached SCSI (SAS) or Solid State Drive (SSD) high-capacity storage
  • Live production and backup production MT4 servers for high redundancy
  • Demo and backup demo MT4 servers

Built-in Resiliency

High resiliency means almost zero trading downtime. We build resiliency into our hosting architecture by deploying redundant network elements, avoiding single points of failure, and ensuring hot backup and failover in the event of a network problem:

  • Dual CPUs in all servers
  • Multiple storage drives with RAID controllers
  • Dual network switches, routers, and firewalls
  • Architecture that eliminates single points of failure
  • Dual connectivity to each ISP and up to five ISPs in each location
  • Multipath routing and switching
  • Hot backup failover within seconds for databases and trading systems

High Responsiveness for Your Success

When Fortex hosts your MT4 infrastructure, you eliminate multiple layers of hosting companies between your company and NY4, or HK3. Instead of being two or three steps removed, you work directly with Fortex for proactive, responsive services. You also can take advantage of our standby Network Engineering team, which has proven expertise in working with all major exchanges and ECNs. With Fortex Hosting, you receive:

  • Initial server build and configuration
  • MT4 license installation if needed
  • All OS upgrades, performance tuning, capacity monitoring, security audit and compliance, and hot backup
  • Deployment in 10 to 25 days after receipt of setup fees
  • 24×6 email and phone support

Proactive Monitoring

Our IT team proactively monitors network capacity and latency to ensure the highest possible system uptime for your servers. We analyze logs to identify trading issues. We monitor hardware performance and the quote feed on MT4 servers during market hours and troubleshoot or escalate issues if necessary. A range of optional services is available, including MT4 training and consulting, disaster recovery, software installation, data migration and system optimization recommendations.

Content Delivery Network for Trading in China

Our Equinix HK3 location routes traffic between Fortex access points in major cities inside China, delivering data with high performance and availability. Strategic access points within China deliver traffic through HK3 to NY4, significantly improving trading efficiency and resiliency.

Consumer Rights Protection

Fortex is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, where law fairly protects product consumers as well as innovators. Our clients use Fortex products and services in compliance with CFTC/NFA, the U.K. Financial Services Authority, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, and many other regulatory jurisdictions. Our clients also have undergone successful annual auditing of their use of Fortex by leading global auditing firms. For more information, visit www.fortex.com.

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