How Does Your Brand Benefit from a CRM system?


The primary goal of each institutional client is to have the largest possible base of active customers. To obtain that, they work on building traffic to their platform and converting leads into customers.

Fortex CRM system helps institutional clients with customer relationship management, lead generation, team management, and more. CRM system allows for managing interactions with clients smoothly. It has proven its worth in improving customer services, increasing sales, and optimizing marketing strategies by storing customer information. It also helps streamline business processes and provides analytics for data-driven business decisions.

With our CRM, brokers can simply:

Convert your Leads into Customers

Build and closely monitor the sales pipeline

Qualify leads through different stages

Trace every sales activity (calls, emails, campaigns, meetings and visits)

Develop and nurture long-term relationships with customers.

Optimize management

Improve customer service and reduce costs

Plan projects and allocate resources efficiently

Optimize sales processes

Manage time optimally for each transaction task

Vast Marketing Capabilities

Maximize the ROI of marketing campaigns

Find leads through marketing campaigns and advertising

Manage and optimize your email system to target and convert each lead

Advanced Automation

automatically analyze clients’ activity and generate reports

manage leads with ease

automate to follow up the workflow and save time

follow up on social and mobile features

Compliance Ready

Track KYC and verify integration

Monitor AML and carry out compliance activities

Monitor clients’ trading activities, manage transactions

More functions:

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