Expand your Liquidity Distribution with XForce


Fortex is a leading global provider of electronic trading solutions. We offer direct connectivity to major global central banks, exchanges, liquidity providers, hedge funds, and other market participants.

Through Fortex’s XForce, users gain access to deep liquidity and the ability to distribute low-cost liquidity across the Fortex liquidity network.

XForce offers several benefits, including:

  • High-quality liquidity and tight market spread, providing a low-latency and cost-effective, highly configurable liquidity distribution solution.
  • Lower trading costs by enabling direct connectivity to liquidity providers, leading to lower spreads and higher profits for traders.
  • Faster and more efficient trade execution by distributing liquidity externally and passing orders directly to the liquidity provider.
  • Greater trading flexibility, offering a range of trading tools such as limit orders, stop orders and trailing stop orders, to give traders more flexibility in their trading strategies.

In addition to these benefits, XForce allows for external quoting through various bridges, including Fortex Bridge, OneZero Bridge, PrimeXM Bridge, as well as FIX API and trading terminals.

To expand your liquidity distribution with Fortex just click the link https://www.fortex.com/en/contact/


About Fortex
Founded in 1997, Fortex Technologies aims to revolutionize trading with its powerful, neutral, multi-asset trading platform focused on the FX, and equities markets. Fortex’s XForce solution, ECN, MT4/5 bridges, infrastructure hosting, and more are used by regional banks, hedge funds, asset managers, broker-dealers, and professional traders around the world to enhance liquidity access, improve execution workflows and support sophisticated trading strategies.